This website is fan-based and is dedicated to those of us who love The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire in Cornwall, PA (just located outside of the Lancaster area). I would like to invite you to come and check out what we have to offer here. [[Disclaimer: This is a site for patrons of the PA Faire and is in no way affiliated with the Faire itself.]]

So, come and see and perhaps join, meet some other Friends of Faire and swap stories, etc.

What I am hoping to achieve by creating this website is the following:

  • To provide a members page to see who's who here at
  • To provide a message board so we can chat amongst each other about things Faire related or anything else at all for that matter! Just so long as it's respectful of each other is the only rule that applies. Recently added is our Chat Room where you can chat in “real time” with other members who are signed in at the same time.
  • To provide information in the form of links about performers, actors, vendors, etc. that are at PA Faire or anything pertaining to The Renaissance in general. Basically it's stuff that I think would be of interest to everyone here!
  • To provide a photo gallery to view pics of PA Faire’s past, present and future? Mine, yours and who knows what else? This is soon coming…
  • To provide a place to get some music. Whether it be in the form of lyrics to the songs we all love from Finale In Song, links to streaming radio or a list of CD's available from the different performers at Faire and how to get them, etc.

Finally, I would like it to be fun! An easy-going, laid-back kind of place where people are welcome and can feel like they are home again! That's the way I feel every time I walk through The Gates at Mount Hope and hopefully you will get that same feeling here too.

Your Moderator,

Dolores (aka FaireGirl69)

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